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We Honour The Beauty & Intelligence Of Vernacular Architecture


Indigenous Architecture Is The Culmination Of Centuries Of Experimentation, Adaptation & Evolution. By It’s Very Nature Diverse, It Serves As A Reflection of Human Culture & Creativity.

Architecture Is The Culmination of Centuries of Experimentation, Adaptation & Evolution. It Is a reflection of Human Creativity & Ingenuity.

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We are excited to announce our first ever Kerala Mural Workshop & a range of workshops set to place in our home town in the Spiti Valley Head over to our events page to learn more.

Learning From The Past Innovating For The Future – Vernacular Bio-Climatic Design

Read our latest blog post discussing the intelligence of vernacular  design and how much we stand to gain when we delve deeply into the strategies used by generations past to create low energy thermally comfortable dwellings. 

"The philosophy and know-how of the anonymous builders presents the largest untapped source of architectural inspiration for industrial man" Rudofsky Bernard


Conserving, Co-Creating & Travelling

Learn from highly skilled Master Artisans. Our workshops showcase the best of regionally specific design and bio-climatic adaptation. Discover how locally available materials have been crafted over generations to create culturally inspired homes and communities.  Vernacular building traditions have been practicing sustainable design for centuries. Join one of our workshops to see for yourself just how much there is to learn from them,

Indi Architecture partner with traditional home owners to renovate and restore their properties to fit with their modern lifestyles or for use as a homestay. 

Experiential travel, off the well trodden path, is an increasingly sought after genre of travel. We provide assistance with the entire process. Right from preparing the property for guests,  to providing training for the hosts and finally marketing the homestay.

Indi Architecture

Architectural  traditions offer a window into culture. We offer tours exploring regions where vernacular architecture remains dominant. Travel with us enables you to experience for yourself the diversity and beauty in a world where cultural traditions continue to be practiced and cherished. Our tours are suited to anyone with a curiosity for life lived differently.

"Workshop was conducted beautifully. It was the correct mixture of 3:3:1, Three part Dawood ji, three parts you (Kimberley), and one part us. Dawood ji and you were the mains, we were the admixtures. You balanced it so beautifully between the old school thinking to today's that it went so smoothly, like an Araish. Hope the young architects will mature like pure slaked lime and make beautiful natural structures and leave their mark just like Thappi."
Amit Karia
Workshop Participant

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