Scagliola - Modernising Heritafge Sculptural art

Scagliola is a barque art form dating back to 17th century Europe. One young Master Craftsmen - Oscar Urruella Sacristàn is reviving this traditional art form through experimentation and adaptation. Through his international Scagliola Art Workshops he is showing his students how to take traditional techniques and breathe new life into them. Oscar believes that as adults we increasingly forget our intinctive creative nature. With his gentle encouragement students learn to take these simple ingredients and turn them into unique art pieces. 

From Italy to Germany & beyond, palaces, churches, and grand homes were ornamented with Sacgliola. Historically two main styles were dominant. The first a faux marble technique that mimics the streaky appearance of marble. The second an intricate and often complex form of inlay work.

The popularity of Scagliola at the time is often credited to its relative economy in comparison to real marble. The technique also allowed for a broader colour palette than that achievable with natural stone.

Whilst made from gypsum a relatively soft material, the process results in a durable finish able tp withstand the ravages of time. Many fine examples dating back to the 17th and 18th century remain in mint condition, just as when they were created.


Gypsum, lime, animal glues, and coloured pigments are combined to create a highly malleable material suitable for both sculptural pieces as well as for plasters. Scagliola has unlimited potential as medium combing function with striking form. Whether you are an architect looking to create bespoke bathroom pieces such as sinks or bathtubs or an artist looking for a new medium, Scagliola could be for you.

Consider joining us in August for an architectural art workshop like no other. International Master Craftsperson Oscar Urruella Sacristán  will be joining us from Spain in Delhi to teach a Scagliola Workshop followed by a Spanish Trabadillo - Gypsum and Lime Plasters and Flooring workshop.


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