Spanish Trabadillo – Traditional Gypsum & Lime Plasters & Flooring Workshop


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Trabadillo Lime Plasters & Flooring Workshop Showcasing Spanish Master Artisan Oscar Urruela Sacristán.

Trabadillo is a traditional Spanish plastering technique that combines pure lime and gypsum to create a plaster combining the benefits of both materials not present in either alone. Specifically the addition of gypsum lends a softness to the plaster and a reduction in the cracking that would be seen in thicker applications of pure lime plasters. Allowing the creation of bulkier sculpted or moulded works.

This is an experiential and experimental workshop wherein traditional Trabadillo techniques will be combined with local materials to create a variety of unique plaster finishes.



Introduction from the Master Artisan

Oscar Urruela Sacristán

The experience of centuries of Master Artisans of using traditional and artisan construction techniques is still alive today, yet fading fast. We are restoring their value in a world that has evolved, demanding a necessary transformation and modernisation.

In this practical training course we will work with different formulations of gypsum and lime stuccos (plasters), elaborating the necessary materials ourselves in an artisanal way with locally available raw materials.

This Trabadillo workshop is intended as a guide with which confidence and creativity are enhanced, avoiding being merely applicators of a product, it is about experimenting and finding.

In order to expand our definition of a lime plasters and flooring we will explore with different aerial (quicklime) and semi-hydrated limes, plasters of different hardnesses, natural pigments, oxides and earth, natural glues or bones, aggregates of different types and granularity.

With these ingredients we will create different finishes, both traditional and more modern, applicable in different loads (thicknesses) from 1mm to 3 cm and on different supports such as stone, painted surfaces, earthen walls, wood, lime and cement mortar.

We will see how the Trabadillos can be the perfect natural candidate to replace micro-cements (terrazzo) and other industrial materials.

During this four day architectural workshop we will develop a variety finishes on different supports (wall and floor surfaces) which we will prepare to receive the plasters. By playing with the base materials we will add extra aggregates to suit.
We will further combine the Trabadillos together with clays, various aggregates and fibres creating smooth surfaces or organic curves as we wish.

To finish our Trabadillo we will experiment with protectors, consolidators and treatments (water repellents, soaps, oils, silicates and ceramic nanoparticles).
We will learn the appropriate application techniques, as well as we carry out different finishes applied over various bases for both exterior and interior.

Experimentation with the addition of aggregates such as chamottes / surki (ground brick), clays and fibres, will allow us to expand our creative possibilities.


Meet The Master Artisan

Oscar Urruela belongs to the third generation of stucco masters. He learned the trade from his father in the workshop and on site, developing with him a multitude of new and restoration jobs, especially in the north of Spain.

He has worked in hotels, theatres, institutional buildings, commercial premises and private homes. Using techniques such as scagliola, lime stucco, plaster stucco, stone restoration etc.  He has a deep understanding of traditional materials and techniques, which allows him to also experiment with new textures and colours.

After the retirement of his teacher, he has begun a new stage in which he combines his need for experimentation and exploration with different natural and traditional materials in the search for new application techniques. With the continuity of work on site, undergoing a transmutation towards a more contemporary vision of the finishes.

He has also begun a creative phase researching in the fields of art and sculpture using the experience in different techniques and materials acquired over the years. Oscar participates in both collective and solo art exhibitions in different European cities and countries.

Since 2010 and always with the premise of enhancing and transmitting knowledge of our wonderful and forgotten traditional decorative techniques, he has been dedicated to teaching, giving practical theoretical workshops in Spain and also in other countries such as the USA, Argentina, Uruguay, England & Japan.

He offers training programs in different techniques, levels of difficulty, specialisation and duration.  Scagliola, fire-ironed stucco, lime stucco, lime and plaster stucco (work), classic scagliola, artistic pieces, continuous natural floors, contemporary murals…

In 2020, and after several years of research and development, he also began to manufacture and market a range of traditional products in an artisanal way, developed with local raw mineral materials with a low ecological footprint and with different applications, both indoors and outdoors, based on lime and plaster (trabadillos ) with the trade name of GeBat System.

Oscar also collaborates in the creation of artistic projects for museums and contemporary artists with international companies such as Factum-arte, Empty and Acciona in museums in Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Algeria.


Architectural Workshop Content

  • Appropriate supports (wall surfaces) and their preparation (union bridges)
  • Formulation of Trabadillos mortars with local raw material
  • Additives – aggregates, brick powder, clays, oxides & fibres
  • Application method and creative possibilities
  • Polished & burnished finishes
  • Treatments and protections – Oils & Waxes etc
  • We will make various examples in small format on a table
  • We will then move on to the wall where we will develop medium-sized samples and a large-format artistic mural combining the different techniques acquired.



Inclusions & Cost

₹25000 – Workshop Fees

  • Includes participation in a small group hands on workshop maximum 16 participants.
  • Ample opportunity to interact with Master Artisan one on one for personal guidance in technique.
  • All materials
  • Practical & Theory sessions taught by a highly skilled internationally renowned Master Artisan.
  • All materials
  • Vegetarian lunch & morning & afternoon tea
  • Transfer from Kaza to Kwang village and return after workshop completion (according to fixed timings)

Location & Host

Dr Abrol – Kalakshetra Aravindam – Panchgaon Village – Delhi

Kalakshetram Aravindum is a peaceful garden oasis sprawled over a few acres. Located just 40 minutes from Gurgaon, yet it feels a million miles away.

Dr Lokesh Abrol is an MD by profession and a philanthropist by heart. He shares our passion for the conservation of precious cultural heritage. That passion is what inspired him to establish a gurukul to teach underprivileged children heritage arts. He currently has around 200 children, mostly girls studying Bharatnatyam & Kathak dance, Kalaripayattu martial art, Geeta Vachan, Indian Classical vocals & Madhubani painting. The gurukul is located in Gurgaon, however Dr Abrol has also created a calm, green botanical oasis – Kalakshetram Aravindum around 1/2 an hour from the gurukul which is used for hosting workshops and performances of the children.

Set over a couple of acres this garden oasis will be the site for the workshop. We are excited to be adding lime finishes to this special place and your participation in the workshop is making it all possible.

To learn more about the Gurukul visit


What to Bring

  • Refillable water bottle
  • Sunscreen & hat
  • Moisturiser – Working with lime can dry your hands.
  • Work gloves – you may wish to bring surgical gloves for use with lime. If you require something more heavy duty consider rubber coated garden / construction gloves
  • Light weight comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty


Accommodation is not included in the workshop fees. There are numerous options for stay nearby. Hotels are available in Manesar, and paying guest houses in Panchgaon. Detailed options will be provided closer to the date.

Lime Plaster Workshop Series

This workshop is part of a duo of architectural workshops being conducted by Oscar in India. During which Oscar will be guiding us on a path wherein the line between architecture and art becomes blurred. This is a truly unique opportunity to learn from a highly esteemed international Master Craftsman