Earthen Floor Workshop


Location: Kwang Village, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Meet The Artisan

A student of a Mud Anarchist, Ananth had the opportunity to work with some highly respected craftsmen like Michael Smith, Kyle Holzhueter and others. He has been working with natural plasters for about 10 years now. His approach to plasters is intuitive and adaptive to the local materials and practices.

Ananth thinks, breathes and dreams 'Earth and lime', loving their distinctive and unpredictable behaviour. 

He is the co-founder of 'Pucca Local'  a platform for exploration and study of the vernacular in natural buildings.


Workshop Overview

Earthen floors are arguably the most sustainable form of flooring available. When we take locally available soils with a few minor amendments and install them as a floor, the result is not only stunningly warm and earthy but also has a very low carbon footprint. Minimal processing and limited transport means there is very little energy consumed in their production, that is of course except for the human energy to install it.

By finishing with oils and wax, we are able to reduce the required maintenance and enhance durability. Resulting in dust free washable earthen floors.

In this two day workshop Ananth will show you how to create all natural earthen floors using locally available materials.

You will learn to identify suitable materials from your local context. How to make samples to determine the appropriate mixes for your sub and finish floors. How to prepare the materials and apply them. How to finish the floors with oils and waxes to make them aesthetically pleasing, durable and low maintenance.


Inclusions & Cost

Workshop Fees -  Rs 6000


Participation in a small group, hands on workshop

All materials

Lunch and morning and afternoon tea


Accommodation Options

Kwang Village

Option 1: Dormitory (3-4 people) in traditional rammed earth home with compost toilet only - Rs 900 including 3 vegetarian meals

Option 2: Dormitory in Homestay (up to 5 people) common non-attached bathroom with flushing toilet Rs 1200 including 3 vegetarian meals

Option 3: Dormitory in Homestay with attached bathroom with flushing toilet (two rooms attached to one bathroom - (1 room up to 3 people 1 room up to 4 people) Rs 1500 including 3 vegetarian meals

Camping - Free if you bring your own tent - you will need to pay for meals separately. 


Double room in with common bathroom (separate for men and women) Rs 1500 per room no meals included.

 **This is a passive solar building built by the Auroville Earth Institute and therefore an interesting property to stay in. By Kaza standards it is also quite an economical option. 

Kaza is 8km from Kwang village - Guests choosing to stay in Kaza will have to arrange their own transport daily to Kwang village

There are countless other accommodation options in Kaza for anyone wishing to book their own.