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Our Story

Created to Conserve

Indi Architecture is a social business with the aim of promoting and conserving traditional knowledge and skills related to vernacular architectural traditions. We believe the diversity, adaptability and sustainable nature of vernacular architecture deserves recognition and replication. Sadly the reverse is happening. In the race to be ‘modern’ traditional homes are being torn down and replaced with concrete boxes. In the process invaluable knowledge refined and adapted over generations is being lost. 

Through our workshops, home stays and travel experiences we hope to raise awareness and appreciation for Indigenous architecture and the men and women who create it. We believe that once one experiences directly the comfort and ingenuity of a home constructed of locally available natural materials, in a manner suited to the local climate, they too will become advocates for its conservation. 

Our Team

Kimberley Moyle

Founder & Facilitator. A world traveller whose heart lives in India. Kimberley grew up in Australia but left in her mid 20s to travel the world & has since cycled across sixty countries & has plans to visit many more. Her deep appreciation for the study of human cultural diversity & languages saw her dividing her time between her travels and completing a combined B.A. in Asia Pacific Studies & Development Studies. She then set off back to India to establish a social business with an 'alternative to development' vision. Her learnings from across the world, gleaned from the seat of her cycle, have inspired a commitment to promoting sustainable living whilst conserving culture & traditional skills through the lens of vernacular architecture. After years exploring and understanding regional architectural traditions & natural building the inspiration for Indi Architecture was born.

Abdul Razak Muwal

Master craftsman specialising in traditional Rajsthani lime work, including the specialised techniques of Thappi, Lohi & Araish, lime mortar construction methods & domes & arches. The knowledge Razaque shares with his students has been handed down through his family for generations.

Rafiq Muwal

The son of Abdul Razak, Rafiq has been mastering this craft for the past 40 years. He is an expert in sculptural features using lime and is currently transforming a private residence in Banur, Punjab with lime flooring & Thappi, Lohi and Araish plasters.

Lobzang Chomo

Lobzang is a proud owner of a traditional rammed earth home in Mane Village in the Spiti Valley. She plays host to workshops showcasing the traditional construction techniques of the region.

Karanbir Bedi

Consultant and Collaborator. History buff & traveller at heart, but hotelier by profession. Karan's organisational & people management skills keep our projects running smoothly. His creative genius can be seen in the tour aspects of our workshops.