What we Do

Vernacular Home Restoration & Renovation

We partner with traditional home owners to restore, renovate or upgrade their existing homes for both personal use and for those wishing to establish a home stay.

Workshops Showcasing Skilled Artisans & Regionally Specific Design

Our hands on workshops give practical exposure to time honoured traditions practiced for generations. With a focus on bio-climatic design, wherein the locally available materials are configured to provide the most comfort according to the local climate.

Cultural Tours In India & Beyond

You can choose from either personally guided tours or self guided tours along one of our curated itineraries. Explore a region’s rich culture and heritage through the lens if it’s architecture. Where architectural traditions are well preserved so are cultures. For a truly unique experience join us and see for yourself the beauty and diversity of some of the world’s hidden villages.

Adivasi Sculptural Door Frame


Absolutely. We would love to hear from you.  Get in touch for more details. 

Many of the common issues related to natural homes made of mud and lime have simple solutions. Whether it is an earthen floor that requires regular application of a fresh finishing coat or a mud plaster that is dusting, there are many solutions to overcome these problems. Get in touch to learn more..

Not at all. Anyone with an interest in architecture, sustainable design, culture or natural building will find our workshops of interest. No prior experience is necessary.

Our workshops focus on regionally specific design, as such each workshop in each region is inherently different. Whilst we cover basic natural building concepts throughout our workshops we will give more attention to the techniques and materials favoured in the local context. We cover in depth the unique design elements in the given vernacular tradition demonstrating why these designs have evolved in the way they have over time. 

We work with various Artisans and Master builders trained in various methods. We are happy to connect you with them. Please contact us for more details.  

Whilst our tours explore the architecture of a region, they are not architectural tours. We visit regions with an active architectural heritage, we choose charming and unique properties to stay in and we explore the local culture in depth. Our tours are first and foremost cultural tours, with a focus towards architecture. If you are passionate about culture our tours are for you. 

We offer private group tours, which means you travel with only your friends or family. You can choose the departure date that suits you.