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Restoration & Adaptive Reuse

One vernacular home at a time we are working to conserve culture and architectural traditions by working with traditional Master Artisans to restore and adapt traditional homes for use as tourism properties. We are creating a range of culturally immersive stays allowing guests to experience the beauty and intelligence inherent in traditional architecture. As well as the superior atmosphere and comfort of natural homes. Experiential travel, off the well trodden path, is an increasingly sought after genre of travel. Our unique stays cater to this emerging market.

Natural Building Workshops

We offer a range of specialised workshops showcasing master artisans and their unique architectural traditions. Our workshops provide access to regionally specific design and bio-climatic adaptations. Discover how locally available materials have been crafted over generations to create culturally inspired homes and communities. Vernacular building traditions have been perfecting sustainable design for centuries. Join us to see for yourself just how much there is to learn from traditional Master Artisans.

Vernacular Architecture Himachal

Cultural Tours

Architectural traditions offer a window into culture. We offer tours exploring regions where vernacular architecture remains dominant. Travel with us enables you to experience for yourself the diversity and beauty in a world where cultural traditions continue to be practiced and cherished. Suited to anyone with a curiosity for life lived differently, our travel experiences take you beyond mainstream tourist attractions to become immersed in culturally rich communities. Explore new regions whilst experiencing simpler, unique ways of living and being beyond the globalised, industrialised world.

"The philosophy and know how of the anonymous builders presents the largest untapped source of architectural inspiration for industrial man"

Bernard Rudofsky


We Honour The Beauty & Intelligence Of Vernacular Architecture

Indigenous Architecture Is the Culmination of Centuries of Experimentation, Adaptation & Evolution. By It’s Very Nature Diverse. It Serves As A Reflection of Human Culture & Creativity.


Whether you’re curious about our workshops, trying to find a Master Artisan, or looking for an immersive cultural experience we will be happy to hear from you.