Rajasthani Lime Plasters & Flooring

ProtoVillage ProtoVillage, Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh

Ancient Wisdom from a Master Artisan - Dawood Muwal will be teaching three indigenous Rajasthani lime plasters Thappi, Lohi & Araish & lime flooring. In this six days hands on workshop you will be learning under the direct guidance of Dawood ji with ample time for one on one guidance with technique and questions.


Secret Spiti Sojourn – Architectural & Cultural Tour to Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley 1132 Sector 44 B, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh

The diversity of traditional architectural styles across the globe are a reflection of human creativity & resourcefulness. Architecture is an expression of culture. Regions with intact traditional architecture often sustain strong ties with other aspects of their unique cultural heritage. Spiti Valley & Kinnaur are two such regions. Join us for a Secret Spiti Sojourn …

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Mohrakashi Fresco Workshop

Nandpur Fort Nandpur, Himachal Pradesh

Learn how to create stunning frescos over lime plasters. Taught by Master Artisan Gurpreet Mankoo. You will learn how to prepare and apply three basic lime plasters as well as the preparation and application of natural mineral paints to create stunning artworks in the Mohrakashi & Kangra Miniature styles.